With the amazing new that Mike Patton has joined Dead Cross and they are working on a album release for 2017, we spoke to bass player Justin Pearson (Retox, The Locust) to find out more.

Justin Pearson Dead Cross Interview

Earlier in the year Trey Spruance let slip that Patton was working on a Hardcore project, this coupled with a statement by yourself that Dead Cross had recruited an 'established singer' led to speculation that it was in fact Patton. Why did you guys wait to make it official? PATTON FANATIC ARTICLE

The band has been a bit unconventional since the start of it. So we just felt there was no rush to tell people about something that we were fine-tuning. Now that the album is recorded and being mixed we decided to make an announcement. 

How did this collaboration come about? Was it simply a matter of a phone call to Patton?

Well, yes. Lombardo, Crain, and myself had thought of a few people to sing, Patton being one. Fortunately for us, the universe had its shit together… and here we are. 

You had written material with Gabe Serbian prior to parting ways. Did you start afresh when Patton was enlisted? 

We had the songs written and recorded prior to Patton’s involvement. When we started working with Patton, he jumped in and started working on lyrics and recording vocals. 

So how has Patton's influence changed the sound? 

It’s hard to explain. The band is still finding it’s own skin to fit into. No matter whom you bring into a band, the sound becomes who all are part of it. Let’s revisit this question after the album comes out, after we play shows with the new line up, and after we can reflect on things. 

What can we expect from the album? Will it follow along the same furious vein as 'We'll Sleep When They're Dead'? 

Certainly. But in relation to the previous question, the sound of the band has since changed. Patton joining the band has made it a whole new beast, and of course it will be furious. It has to. It’s a product of the world that we live in. 

It's exciting to hear how Ross Robinson will treat Patton's vocals. What is it that makes you collaborate with the producer so often? What has he brought to Dead Cross? 

Ross is one of the most amazing people I’ve worked with. I’m so grateful for his involvement with the things I have been able to do with him. He has certainly helped me grow and opened my eyes and mind to so many things, musical and non-musical. And the non-musical aspects are as important as the musical, if not more. However, he didn’t track Patton’s vocals. The music was tracked and produced with Ross, when we were working with Gabe. Once Gabe left the band, there was a shift and since then, Patton has tracked the vocals on his own, and we are now in the mixing process. 

By no means belittling your own amazing career but it must be pretty cool being part of a project with Patton and Lombardo right?

It’s surreal at times. I certainly had a much different perception of how each of them was before working with them in Dead Cross. Back when I became friends with both of them, when The Locust toured with Fantomas, I would have never imagined being in a band with either of them. But I suppose for me, it was only a matter of time for something as absurd as this to come about. The road here has sure been a weird one… which seems perfect. 

Can we expect a single release prior to the album? 

I think we are just aiming to get the album out in its entirety as soon as possible. 

Can we hope for a tour following it's release in 2017?

I would assume so. 

You have toured with Dave and Mike with The Locust and Retox previously. What is like on the road with these guys? 

Being in a band is like being in a relationship with each person, all at the same time. It’s really strange. I’ve been fairly lucky over the years to have very little conflict with others. I’m quite shocked when I think about all the horror stories I hear of other bands. I think the bunch of us mesh well and will get along well. In my opinion, each of them are extremely brilliant. But in contrast to touring with them in separate bands, it’s much different. You get your distance and you also don’t see those people every second of every day when in your own separate band. Let’s talk later after we do some touring and I can fill you in on the disgusting details of those guys!

You seem to have a lot in common with Patton. Running your own label, always keeping busy juggling many bands and you are cited as an influence for other artists. Do you think you are kindred spirits who were destined to make noise together?

Ha! First off, thank you. This has been brought to my attention before and it’s certainly flattering, as I really admire and respect Patton’s musical endeavors as well as his label. As far as destiny, I’m not sure that exists. I’m just psyched and grateful that our paths have come to this juncture. 

Apart from Dead Cross what else can we look forward to from you in the near future? 

I’m currently working on stuff with Retox and Planet B. I’m certain other stuff will pop up and present itself. 


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