It's that time of year again when we carve pumpkins, try to find a unique fancy dress costume, stock up on sweets and put on the John Carpenter DVD collection.

To help with your spooky celebrations.....here's our playlist for Halloween!

Secret Chiefs 3 | Personae: Halloween

Trey Spruance and co's faithful cover version of the John Carpenter original movie theme.

Fantomas | The Omen (Ave Santani)

Of course we could've included the entire 'Director's Cut' album in this list, maybe even the entire Fantomas back catalogue! However this version of Jerry Goldsmith's movie theme is particularly terrifying.

The Tango Saloon | Dracula Cha Cha Cha

Ok not the most blood-curdling of songs but this cover version of Bruno Martino's 1960 song does have Mike Patton chanting away about Dracula dance moves.

Mr. Bungle | Violenza Domestica

The song starts with the sharpening of knifes and a creepy guitar riff. Patton has a particularly menacing tone of voice and when he is so close to the mic we can hear his mouth moving with the words....chilling especially when he is speaking in a language other than English.

Faith No More | Malpractice

The most twisted song on 'Angel Dust' directly from the mind of Mike Patton. The lyrics describe how it would feel to wake up during on the operating table and feel the surgeon's hands inside your body! A truly disturbing peek into the vocalists head.

Brujeria | Matando Gueros

The name of the band is translated as 'witch craft' so we are already onto a winner. Bill Gould's extreme Mexican metal outfit had some pretty gruesome song titles and subjects, this is the title track from their first album translated as 'Kill Whites'.

Faith No More | Death March

The tone of Chuck Mosley's voice lends itself well to a horror soundtrack. This song in particular is rather apt with lyrics referring to 'the black death'.

Ozzy Osbourne | Bark At The Moon

You just got to include a song by the Prince Of Darkness in a Halloween playlist. In Mike Bordin never got record this song with Ozzy but he certainly got to play live many times.

Tomahawk | Oddfellows

From their latest album it's the video that qualifies the song to appear in our list. Directed by Vince Forcier with grotesque graphics contorting the body's and faces of the band members expertly illustrated by Matt Jacobs.

Faith No More | Desperation Anxiety

From 'Sol Invictus' this fan made video by 'Finch' and features a compilation of footage taken from the 1955 american film 'Daughter Of Horror' directed by John Parker.

Bonus Song
Faith No More | Surprise! You're Dead!

Jim Martin's biggest 'metal' contribution to the FNM catalogue. Described by Patton thus: "To a certain extent, the lyrics are a parody of the music. So actually, I'm making fun of Jim's song, but all intention aside, it is about a cartoonish vampire teasing his victim, an activity I can admire, I'm a Slayer fan, excuse me."


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