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Mike Patton speaks about his latest project, tetema, and hints at new Faith No More album
On tetema  
 "All I was trying to do was to fit into the fabric; not dominate, not change the arrangements or the structures too much, and just be a little bit of wallpaper."
On other projects
 "A few bands I think I've neglected, Fantomas being one of them, Mondo Cane for sure."
On FNM  
 "I don't know whether or not we're going to attack it, but there is some stuff we wrote around the time of the last one and said, 'Why don't we save this for the next record?' So we'll see."
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Baterista do Faith No More comenta as novas edições dos álbuns de 'King for a day' e 'Album of the year'
"There are places where you feel musically at home. Like the first time in London, the first time in Australia, and Brazil. We are a bunch of old white-haired guys playing rock. And people give us attention, their hearts and ears, minds and bodies"
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Mike Patton Will Perform Virginal Co Ordinates with Evyind Kang and Luciano Berio’s Laborintus II at Sacrum Profanum Festival.
It is confirmed that Patton will perform Virginal Co Ordinates with Evykind Kang. Virginal Co Ordinates is Evykind Kang’s ten track album released on Patton’s Ipecac Records back in 2004. The set has been enriched and updated for the festival performance.
During the second concert, Patton will be performing Luciano Berio’s Laborintus II with the Ictus Ensemble, the orchestra from Belgium. The ensemble specializes in music written after 1950. They also place a special emphasis on contemporary compositions.
Mike Patton at Sacrum ProfanumFriday, October 7th – Virginal Co Ordinates, ICE Krakow Congress Centre: Auditorium Hall at 20:00Saturday, October 8th – Labirynt, ICE Krakow Congress Centre: Auditorium Hall at 20:00 
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