The latest round-up of everything Faith No More related.

  • Bill Gould has been sharing the most wonderful unseen photography via Koolarrow. From the studio in 1985, whilst recording We Care A Lot.

  • And also a glympse of the new We Care A Lot reissue.

  • Bill has also been bust with interviews promoting the upcoming release of the debut album's remastered 2016 version.
SF Weekly 
Faith No More Will Re-Release Its Out-of-Print Debut After Founding Bassist Bill Gould Discovered The Masters
"It was both serious and tongue-in-cheek. You have to look at it through the time that it was written. Everybody was exploiting their humanitarian values. There was a lot of self-congratulatory bullshit going around that we were kind of making fun of."
Rock Axis

Billy Gould, Faith No More: “Invitamos a los fans a beber algo y escuchar música”


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