FAITH NO MORE | 17.06.2015 | Roundhouse London

The alt metal legend's return to the capital is so groovy, it's out of sight. 
Kerrang! | June 2015 | James Hickie

THE ROUNDHOUSE: it's an historic venue that's played host to such musical luminaries as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and David Bowie. That's not what interests Faith No More frontman Mike Patton about it though. To him, this is "where the trains used to turn around" referring to the fact this site used to host a depot for servicing steam locomotives. "But what does that mean?" Patton ponders. "It means half of you guys are fucked up!"
Well, that's Faith No More all over- a career spent framing things in a way that bypasses the obvious; and if you happen to care a lot about them, now's a rewarding time to be a fan. With the release of Sol Invictus - the seventh album you never thought would happen, with a 5k-rating that makes you glad it did - the San Franciscans have officially transitioned from 'reunion' phase to 'business as usual' mode.
This wedding of the old and the new is perhaps why the stage has been decked out like a pristine chapel - albeit one with a gimp wandering around it. And officiating proceedings is our cool - if hard to please - minister, the Reverend Patton.
When Epic receives a reaction befitting its name, Mike brands the crowd "fucking assholes". When the refrain to Midlife Crisis instigates a seismic sing-along that could spin a train, he simply shrugs, unimpressed, before showing them how it's done.
It's not a front he can maintain for too long, though. "We actually love you," he finally concedes after a delicious Ashes To Ashes, before leading men, women and children through a soaring Superhero.
Tonight, fuelled by amore, the FNM express continues to power across some magnificent tracks. Choo-fucking-choo.

Star Shout! Roddy Bottum

You guys looked excited to be back in London... 
'It's invigorating! I went to see L7 last night, who are in a similar position to us - they're coming to London for the first time in a long time, and the audience was bonkers and very London. For us, just having the new material in itself is rewarding enough".
You had a gimp on stage as you often do. Is it always the same person?
"It's a very specifically chosen gimp. What's our criteria for choosing it? It's nobody's business but ours. It's a very personal thing!"


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