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Chuck Mosley goes back out on tour next month. Just him and his guitar playing acoustic sets in America and Europe.
Chuck made a welcome return to the stage back in 2010 when he was invited to perform with Faith No More in San Francisco. He then set out with his band VUA to do shows in Chile and a tour in America in 2014. 
However this time it seems like he really means business and wants to take his music all over the world.  We called the original Faith No More frontman up to talk about this tour and his new deal with EMP Label.

Chuck Mosley Reintroduce Yourself

How's the tour coming together?

It's coming together good. Y' know the States is a fucked up place to tour anymore, has been for a while. Everybody's cheating, nobody cares. But this time around people do care and when we decided to do this and started booking it, it came together really fast. We're not trying to grab for like months at a time anymore especially out here, we came up with the idea to go out for two weeks at a time and then come home for two weeks, then back out to a different area. It's a drag to stay out for months at a time y'know.

Where are you looking forward to performing in the States the most?

England and Europe! [laughs] I haven't been out there in a long time and I can't wait. No offence to America, it's not the fans, or the kids, it's just the distances between shows. I am actually looking forward to going to the North West and the East coast, and I'm gonna go home to L.A on one of the legs. I haven't been home properly since my dad died, it's been like 10 years something like that. I went out and played a couple of songs with Faith No More in San Francisco around 2010, so I returned to L.A for 24 hours. 

It's six years since those shows next week.

Oh wow, imagine that what a coincidence. That makes me realise how old I'm getting.

What attracts you to the UK?

I've always been a groupie of England and Europe, but the people are really nice. When you go to London it's kinda like L.A or New York, but I like it up North and Scotland. I just like the people a lot....I love the fucking beer. I'm really a history kinda freak, from the middle ages to World War 2 all that stuff. I just love it out there.

Plenty of sightseeing planned then?

Yeah hopefully I'm gonna take it all in. When you're young and touring around, even the second or third time, you're thinking about how much you drank last night and what girl was cute all that kinda crap. And your looking out the window but you're not seeing. I guess the one thing about being older is that I will be taking it in a lot more.

What Kind of set list can we expect?

Do you guys know it's an acoustic tour? I keep getting messages asking me to play this song and that song, by Faith No More, VUA and Cement. Basically any acoustic songs that are on there and a couple of covers. I'm working out a couple of Faith No More songs and there is one Bad Brains song we wrote when I was together with them and I don't think the band ever play it. But I do wanna keep as acoustic as possible, I might break out a keyboard I'm not sure. We're just now getting together for the first time today. I gotta start working on stuff, we got like a month to get ready. It's pretty exciting man, I've done this one time before when I was opening up for my friends Celebrity Skin, but I'm pretty nervous. There might be like five people at a show or whatever but I'll be putting my all into it. This is kind of a warm up for VUA to come out on the next time around.

You played with Faith No More last year how was that?

I went up and blew out one of the hardest songs they asked me to sing, I wasn't real warmed up and I get nervous. I always get nervous, every single show I've played I've been nervous. That was even more nerve wracking because it's been a long time since I played with those guys. But it was fun, it's always fun.

It was really cool to see you and Roddy in a photo together.

Yeah through all the bullshit right after they fired me Roddy and I were never not friends, we've always been really close and always talked. With Billy and Mike there was a rough patch but that's long passed and it's all cool again. 

Next year 'Introduce Yourself' will be 30 years old! When was the last time you put that record on?

Erm.......I think when I had took a hit of acid at my parents house when they were out of town! Right about a month after it came out maybe. It's also been that long since I had a turntable [laughs].

Are there any particular emotions that the music of 'Introduce Yourself' stirs up?

Nah I like to keep everything I do in its proper place which is in the past, I like to record the future and stuff. Any emotions I have I exorcise when I'm doing the songs, recording and playing live. I like to save my emotions for present day real time. I do love that album, I think it's groundbreaking. 

'Introduce Yourself' is my second favourite album, unfortunately all come after Angel Dust.

That is unfortunate. I tell you this much though, I feel like on the first album he [Patton] was still looking for himself in that space and right around 'Angel Dust' is where I think he started finding himself and I started liking it. 

'Demos For Sale' is out on CD and LP very soon, when can we expect new material?

Really soon. We're going into the studio right now to work on some stuff which might not be an LP, might be and EP. I'm doing some stuff with Indoria. And I got a couple of brand new acoustic songs, so we're gonna start recording those. I just don't know exactly when I'll get around to it. And then VUA are working on brand new stuff too. So hopefully something really soon and something some time next year.

How long will you be out on tour?

We're gonna keep on going with the tour as long as we can. If we are having fun doing this we wanna just keep on going. I can't wait to come out and see everybody I'm really excited about that. We will also hopefully hit South America, Italy, Germany. 

Thanks Chuck

Can I take this opportunity to thank my new manager Thom Hazaert who's kinda turning everything around. Guys were inviting me to come out and do this acoustic thing for a long time and I kept shunning it but now I'm really attracted to doing this thing. Thom [co-owner of the EMP label group along with David Ellefson of Megadeth] offered VUA the opportunity to re-release our albums with worldwide distribution, and he convinced me to come out of my shell by taking this show on the road. Please don't be afraid to reach out and say hi when we hit your city. I want everybody to think positive thoughts about me. 

Reintroduce Yourself Tour Dates (More TBA)

May 21st  Cairo Ale House, Chicago 
June 15th The Pin, Spokane WA
June 16th Tony V's Garage, Everett WA Tickets
June 18th  Hawthorne Lounge, Portland OR Tickets
June 19th  Funhouse, Seattle  Tickets 
June 24th  Smith's Downtown, Mishawaka, Indiana
July 15th Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ Tickets
July 16th The Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ Tickets

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