The latest news from Faith No More and it's members.

  • Chuck Mosley is returning to the live forum very soon with his 'Reintroduce Yourself' tour. Dates are certainly confirmed in the US with possible European shows to follow later in the year.
  • 'Demos For Sale' is a collection of demos, b-sides and alternate versions of tracks from his 2009 release WILL RAP OVER HARD ROCK FOR FOOD. It was previously only available as a download but will soon be available on CD and VINYL.
Says Mosley, “While it was a great record for what it was, and a lot of people love it, Will Rap Over Hard Rock turned into a monster that I let get completely out of control with overdubs, over-production, my live tracks getting redone by God knows who.. Demos for Sale, is a choice version of the LP, before it mutated into Will Rap Over Hard Rock for Food, a little closer to how we wanted it to be – live, dirty and punk rock.”
The LP will release July 15th, on CD and limited edition vinyl LP formats, with a pre-order to launch in March. Pre-order HERE.

  • Here is a great new video for Superhero made by fan Rafael Barros. In the style of SouthPark the video is great homage to past and present FNM.

  • Alternative Press interviewed Mike Bordin at Aftershock festival in 2015 about getting back on the stage and the future of the band.

  • “You’re gonna get a lot of stuff. There’s gonna be humor, there’s gonna be as much energy as we have to give you,” he says. “Hopefully there will be some melody and some groove, and I mean look, it’s Faith No More. Expect everything. We give you everything we have, that’s the only way we know how to do it.”

    So what’s next for Faith No More? Bordin tells all.“The one thing about this band is we expect to evolve. We don't value sort of finding that formula, and then just hammering on that same button. To us that's death, we just don't do it."

    The drummer talked about the importance of developing and evolving as a band to continuously provide something new and different to fans.“You never know what you get until you get it with us, so for people to respond to it and give it a shot—man, it’s awesome,” he says. “I’m grateful for that, and I’m super proud of the album.”

    Bordin, who estimates he's played about 1,000 shows in 15 years, describes the reaction fans have had to recent Faith No More shows.“Coming back and doing what we’ve done, I say just first of all, I was happy playing with Ozzy. I liked what I did,” Bordin says. “Coming back and doing this, we expected to do a few shows for fun, and it felt good. We enjoyed doing it and coming back after a long layoff with no expectation. We just played music and we had a good time doing it.”


  1. I like their music and the way they perform is just amazing. I like their band and want them to perform well always. Many best wishes to them


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