LIVE AT BRIXTON (Audio) | 25 Years

On February 4th 1991 Faith No More released the live recording of 'Brixton Academy' on CD.

Their are of course a few dates to celebrate this show, April 28th 1990 (the date of the actual perfomance and August 1st 1990 (the release date of the VHS).

The CD release of course contained two out takes from 'The Real Thing', previously only available on the B-side of 'From Out Of Nowhere' 12".

The Cowboy Song

The Grade

Metal Hammer | February 1991

Last year Faith No More were practically a permanent feature on the U.K. live scene. At times it seemed that as soon as the lights went down on one show there wasn't even time to catch a quick pint before you were screaming for 'War Pigs' at their next. Their audiences were growing at an alarming rate-a couple of years ago their glory was to achieve to consecutive sell-out nights at the marquee. That would have been enough to keep a Cheshire Cat type grin upon their faces for a good month! But a year later that achievement paled before a list of dates that included The Astoria, Brixton Academy, Hammersmith Odeon and the Reading Festival. Popping back and forth across the Atlantic with alarming regularity, they journeyed much over the surface of Britain-wearing out a considerable amount of rubber In the process!
And so it was deemed that the rest of '91 will be a Faith No More no more year. Too much touring of Britain. Well we suppose they deserve a break. But don't despair! To satisfy our hunger London have put out a mini live album.
Recorded at Brixton Academy in April of last year it features eight live monsters. The CD version ineludes two extra tracks - 'The Cowboy Song' and 'The Grade' which have never before been widely available. Of course no live album from FNM would be complete without their habitual encore and Black Sabbath original 'War Pigs'. It's here, planted firmly at lhe end of side one, bathing in all its glory. In fact the LP includes most of FNM's finest - 'The Real Thing', 'Epic', 'From Out Of Nowhere' and 'We Care A Lot'. Capturing their essential live sound to a tee, so very well that you just want to throw your body about with the sheer pleasure of it all.
We're gonna place our ears between the speakers of two very powerful amps and blast ourselves 'till our heads explode! Then we're off to Faith No More heaven. See ya there!


  1. Sorry to be 'that guy' but unless I'm mistaken 'The Grade' and 'The Cowboy Song' had previously appeared as the b-sides to the first version of the 'From Out of Nowhere' single.
    Also some needless extra trivia - for reasons I've not yet seen explained the LATBA VHS and CD (and later DVD) mixes out the line "about the smack and whack and crack that hit the streets" (you can hear Roddy or Bill still saying their 'And's) from 'We Care A Lot'. The unedited version of that performance had previously been a b-side to the European 'Falling To Pieces' single.
    Presumably due to the constraints of the vinyl length the bonus studio tracks and a fair few live songs from the VHS didn't make it to the album version, though for completists the Brixton performances of 'Underwater Love' (with an odd/false keyboard intro) and 'As The Worm Turns' also showed up as b-sides (on 'Falling To Pieces' and the 'Epic' reissue respectively).
    However one song out of several that made neither cut did show up in a broadcast version, here's a muddy recording of the LATB 'deleted scene' as it were:

  2. You are 100% correct dude....thankyou for the correction.

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