FAITH NO MORE | Photographs From The Early Days

Faith No More have a history reaching back to the early 80's. The band we know today has undergone many metamorphoses, from the roots of Bill Gould and Roddy Bottum's school days to Faith. No Man, from the days with Chuck Mosley and Jim Martin to Mike Patton and Jon Hudson

The Faith. No Man tribute website is a fantastic source if you wished to explore the earliest days of FNM further, with a host of photographs and information.  

However Joan Osato, the photographer who captured some of these young photos of FNM which were used on the 'We Care A Lot' album sleeve, has kindly given us permission to share some images from the early 80's.

Roddy at Oak St. Mansion, 1982.

Bill Gould, circa 1982.

Mike Bordin at Shotwell St. , circa 1982.

Roddy and Mike in front of Li Po's.

Here is collection for those who haven't seen the other photographs of FNM from their earlier years.

Mike Patton School days

Mike Bordin


  1. Speechless from that last photo. That's a photoshop, right? :-D

  2. No 100% genuine!! That's where the name Puffy originates!

  3. Unassuming bunch of kids who turned out to become unique assembly so many could thank god for their art

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