TOUR SOL INVICTUS | 07.08.2015 | Toronto


Ricoh Coliseum Toronto Canada

Tour Poster

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Tour Talk

Roddy spent only a minute talking to Jon Hudson about his former band Systems Collapse before the transmission was cut short.

We also saw a brief backstage glimpse of Mike Patton drinking 'Invictus' wine and talking with Ian 'Tank' Roberts FNM's merchandise manager.

Set List

The 'Midlife Crisis' interlude that has had people guessing on this tour tonight included Van Halen's 'Jump'. However this is not the first time FNM have played this song as it used to be a regular cover in their set back when Chuck fronted the band.

The Real Thing
Be Aggressive
Everything's Ruined
Black Friday
Midlife Crisis
(Van Halen 'Jump')
Cone of Shame
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Separation Anxiety
Ashes to Ashes

I Started a Joke

We Care a Lot

Photos/ Reviews

Concert Review: Faith No More, Refused, August 7, Ricoh Coliseum

A few songs into Faith No More’s set, the band demonstrated their affinity for mixing together musical genres when Mike Patton slipped a few lines from Drake’s “Started From The Bottom” into the middle of “Evidence.” He repeated the lyrics shortly thereafter following the end of “Epic.” “Who does that song?” asked keyboardist Roddy Bottum (who seems to be resembling Matt Walsh of Veep and Upright Citizens brigade fame these days). “Dude, it’s the mayor of fucking Toronto!” replied Patton before asking the crowd, “Do you guys like Drake?” After some boos, Bottum cheekily responded, “We’re all open minded up here. Leave those judgements outside of the coliseum.”

The Heavy Press - Jason Hodgins

Lithium Magazine

Faith No More – Ricoh Coliseum, Toronto – August 7, 2015
By Samantha Wu

The band played an incredibly strong set full of fan favourites that the crowd devoured and demanded more. Their musicianship was rock solid and each member was in fine form. Patton’s vocals soared, quickly reminding me of how powerful and versatile he is as a rock singer. Bottum also did fine work on the keyboards and often times took the mic to address the crowd with their sincerest thanks.

Their stage banter was also a cause for amusement as they ripped on the Toronto mayor, who they deemed to be local rap artist Drake. They also mentioned that this was the last night they would be touring with Swedish band Refused and asked the crowd what would a bunch of Canadians do with a band of Swedes. They were expecting something raunchy but when they didn’t get a response, they threw out that it must be something to do with ice and hockey.

Live In Limbo - Randall Vasquez

The Heavy Press - Jason Hodgins

Aesthetic Magazine - Julian Avram



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