SOL INVICTUS | Sum It All Up In A Sentence | Part 2

We have had a fantastic response from this feature and have some great 'one sentence reviews' to share with you. 

Thank you for your contributions and please continue to send us your short appraisals of the new Faith No More album. 

Here are a selection for your reading pleasure. 

'I still prefer Taylor Swift's 1989 but SOL INVICTUS is pretty good for a bunch of old song and dance guys and I was honored to be a part of the team behind it.' - Greg Werckman (Ipecac Recordings

'Rock and roll is not dead yet, the FNM new album is brilliant in so many ways! The musical world behind "Sol Invictus" stands on it's own merits and takes the listener into intense, melodic and majestic audio oddities...' - Marcelo Tijerina (Mexican Dubwiser)

'Sol Invictus is exactly what I hoped it would be. Unique, risky.... I dig it!' - Dave Lombardo (Fantomas, Philm)

'As eccentric and eclectic as ever, FNM deliver a delightfully complex collection of songs ... just wonderful! All hail Sol Invictus!' - Jone Stebbins (Imperial Teen)

'"I believe in something, I think.." nobody does that loping heavy groove like they do.. wanted to hate it but love it.. the lyrical darkness of the album is an added bonus..' - Clinton McKinnon (Umlaut, Mr Bungle)

'At first sip you’re not sure; it’s a bit bitter and sharp but then you swirl it around and those subtle, sublime nuances of the familiar flood your senses  -– you swallow and realize this could be your new favorite…if not an addiction.' - Jared Blum (TheTalking Book

'Faith No More is more Faith No More than ever before, Sol Invictus proves it!' - Deanna Mitchell (Frightwig)

'No es el álbum del año, es el álbum de todos los días.' - Gonzalo Frias (7mo Vicio)

'FNM's return was everything we knew it would be, and we couldn't be prouder to be part of the signature tone Billy used to help to shape this amazing album.' - Zon Guitars 

'Sol Invictus offers the audience a unique sneak peak into Faith No More's genius of a sideshow.' - Neil Arnold (Metal Forces)

'Sol Inivictus es una obra atemporal, cimentada en la experiencia, la idoneidad  y ese espíritu rompe-reglas que afortunadamente ahí sigue con plena vida. Sólo se puede festejar esta vuelta y pedir que haya muchos Sol Invictus más' - Adriano Mazzeo

'Another completely different album from a band with seemingly endless completely different sides to's flawless.' - Matt Jacobs (FNM / Mr Bungle Comic artist)

'It is thrilling to see 18 years after AOTY that Faith No More haven't lost a thing -- half-powerful half-surprising, Sol Invictus could be seen as the resurrection of the best band in the world.' - Nessie Spencer (FNM French Community)

'I want to see Kanye try to rush these guys when they accept their Grammy.' - Sinclair Klugarsh 

'Sol Invictus: No one else can return so strong and so creative like FNM have done. Give more time, this is their best far.' - Rodrigo Roros

' It sounds new and fresh while still sounding like FNM, you can hear they took there time and every song is strong well written and overall has a good flow and balance.' - Trey Reznor 

'Some of their finest songs are on this album and Mike's vocals reach a whole new level, you can hear the enjoyment in his voice and in the bands music.' - Rob Hartley 

'18 years since FNM's last album Sol Invictus picks where Album Of The Year  dropped off to quite possibly become album of the year.' - Shaun Noonan

'15 years of forgiveness & freedom culminating in a short but magical ride.' - Dean Nutt

'Relax, it's just a phase, you'll grow out of it... - er, no I haven't!' - Sophie Paterson 

'Roxy Music & The Fall meets Faith no More...and the result is pure post-punk.' - Piero Lombardi 

'Sol Invictus is yet another demonstration of those unrivaled skills and the endless creativity of Faith No More terribly missed for almost 2 decades - an emotional first-class roller-coaster ride which leaves us craving for more.' - Mira Toybear

'It's like the pride a mother feels after giving birth to an 18 year old man baby ready to take over the world!' - Chris Grebinski-Policicchio 

'Worth the wait and then some.' - Tim Lane 

'FNM delivered exactly what I was hoping for: an eclectic mix of musical / vocal styles that manage to sound familiar, yet fresh and bang up to date.' - Paul B

'Having heard most of the songs live pre release  and seeing the guys so happy playing them has made it even more special.' - Rebecca Varela 


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