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So most of the world has now had a chance to listen and re-listen to the new FAITH NO MORE album.

There have been over 1000 reviews so far on line and in publications including our own. We are now giving you guys the opportunity to have your say. Can you describe 'Sol Invictus' in just one sentence? Please post your one sentence review in the comments here, on our Facebook or Twitter page. We pick a select few and create a full page advert similar to the one below.


Here are some examples from the press so far.

'This is not a time-weathered, diluted imitation of Faith No More. This, ladies and gents, is still The Real Thing.' - Kerrang!

'It’s the rare, rare reunion album that’s shoulder to shoulder with what came before it, standing on the band’s solid catalogue instead of trying and failing to start the climb anew.' - The AV Club

'Sol Invictus scratches a creative itch created by the band's Second Coming Tour, and reasserts that they will not be second-guessed or pigeonholed.' - Mojo

'Faith No More had nothing to lose by staying on history’s sidelines, for once, but Sol Invictus proves that they belong back in the game.' - Consequence Of Sound
'This is the most imaginative and urgent FNM have sounded in years--not to mention the most relevant.' - Alternative Press
'Sol Invictus is their best and most compelling work since Angel Dust, and the rare reunion album that truly adds to the strength of the group's legacy rather than diluting it.' - All Music Guide

'This isn't just a new Faith No More record, it's one of their very best.' - Q Magazine

'With the exception of one tune seemingly about Patton's breakfast ("Sunny Side Up"), it's as much a triumphant victory lap as it's a comeback record.' - Rolling Stone

Here are a few great reviews already collected from friends of our page.

'For me, Sol Invictus is that rare and inspiring moment when a band, after years of hard work and experience, doesn't have anything else to prove and is relaxed enough to do their best work.   They are all exceptionally talented but I have to say that Patton has, once again, set the bar very high in terms of lyrics, melody and vibe.' - Matt Wallace 

'It's a movie that takes you from one place to the next without you knowing what to expect' - Maor Applebaum

'Faith No More's new album defies everything!' - Phil Alexander (Chief Editor Mojo Magazine)

'It doesn't matter what I or anyone thinks about the new album, what matters is that they did it. I know what Bill went through after the break up and what it means to him.' - Espen J. Jorgensen
'The FNM album we were all hoping for' - Joel McIver (Chief Editor Bass Guitar Magazine)

'A soaring return to the edge of the rock n' roll world!' - Mike Wellman (FNM / Mr Bungle Comic Author)

'The hope, the pain, the anger, the revenge... happy that FNM are back!' - Enrico Maniago (Flatbush)

'Victorius' - Vince Forcier (Tomahawk Video Director)

'Sol Invictus is more than I ever hoped for.' - Andy Couch (Caca Volante)

'Sol Invictus is the sound of a band finally at ease with itself but still happy to make listeners ill at ease: it is hard and heavy but stark and sombre; dark and diverse yet optimistic and holistic.' - Adrian Harte (FNM 2.0)

'Incredibly well crafted slice of unexpected but gratefully received awesome.' - Andrew Bowie

'With Sol Invictus, FNM created a musical world filled with sound territories that are unknown to us. A surprising musical space, unlimited creativity full of new sensations, gorgeous, panting. A relentless album.' - Stevens Drean (French FNM Community)

'Best Faith No More album since Angel Dust' - Pablo Fernandez (Bungle Weird)

'Sol Invictus proves no fan could be greater rewarded than a Faith No More fan in 2015.' - Gerry LaFerla
'After an excruciating 18 year wait Sol Invictus is an intricate and brutal, jarring and beautifully soaring, gothic, expertly engineered, mastered, and arranged punch-to-the-heart of an album that is representative of the full spectrum of their talents and perfectly Faith No More.' - Nicole Naab

'Sol Invictus is a very unique effort; unlike anything you've heard, and alike any other FNM album it's way ahead of our time.' - Thiago Brandao

'It's back to their roots yet ahead of their time all at once' - Ian Matazz

'The album you didn't know you wanted Faith No More to make, but are bloody glad they did.' - Matt Thompson

'Like a Phoenix risen from the flames of the past the album has arrived with a new fire and determination that has not been seen since KFAD.' - Frank Quinn

'A teenage love affair I wake up and fall asleep with.' - Alex Pavel

'A collection of stories of non sensical importance that will shape the thoughts of few too many than ought to be.' - Glyn Pickering



  1. Sol Invictus isnt like any other Faith No More album, Genius and Brilliance doesnt have to repeat itself

  2. In typical fashion, Faith No More conquer expecations and deliver in Sol Invictus another gem that will still be enjoyed decades from now.

  3. Forty minutes of magnificent mayhem - I can't just listen to one song Sol Invictus has to be consumed in its entirety and in order, from "I'm coming Lord I'm on my way" through to "Welcome home my friend" via "There's a riot at the salad bar" this record is everything I dared hope for and more.

  4. The best FNM record since Angel Dust without doubt the best record of 2015.

  5. amazing album from a unique band.............sol invictus different album from the same band


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