FAITH NO MORE | Mojo Magazine | Issue 260, July 2015

It's fantastic to have so many major publications reporting on FAITH NO MORE, and such grand features.

The July edition of Mojo Magazine contains a six page spread written by Stevie Chick with some great photographs old and new, a portait by Piper Ferguson.

Mojo hold an interview with Patton, BillRoddy and Puffy in the dressing room of San Francisco's Warfield, ahead of their tour 'Sol Invictus' show. In which they discuss their history with a large proportion of the chat devoted to Patton's early days within the band, 'The Real Thing' and 'Angel Dust' era. FNM discuss their time apart from the band and finally 'Sol Invictus'. Overall the article is an insightful and well documented history with some great quotes from the band.

Here are some of those quotes.

RODDY on Jim Martin

'We wanted to sound like the first Killing Joke record, really tough, metal, aggro guitar, without solos and without the dumb attitude. And with Jim, we got a little of the attitude....He was a total redneck a macho, gun totin', truck drivin', dude. I was fruity, open minded gay guy. We fought all the time, but I really liked him.'

BILL on Chuck Mosley

'We were at a gas station in Kentucky once, we'd driven all night, and he yelled at me, and I kicked him. and he started swinging at me like a wild man. and he broke his finger on the steering wheel. He was a good friend; I literally loved the guy. But we just had to make a change.'

PATTON on his voice

'There's not these watershed moments that look great in print. It's a process. I've got a muscle, I got to exercise it. Most people run on a treadmill; I scream.'

RODDY on touring with Guns 'n' Roses

'We got kicked off the tour several times for talking shit about them in the press. Backstage at every show they had jacuzzis and fake beaches populated by strippers the road-crew had given laminates the night before. Its was bananas. We just laughed at how fucking ridiculous they were.'

PATTON on the split

'I had a speech memorised, I wanted to make a ceremony out of it. And these guys look at me like I was fucking crazy and said, 'Why are you so upset? We agree with you!'

PUFFY on 'Sol Invictus'

'It took us breaking up to get here. To clean the slate. Because the baggage was piling up and most of it, in hindsight, was fucking petty.'

There is also a review of some of the very earliest Faith No More show from the 1984 tour in the Student Union of SF University, Mabuhay Gardens and more. Written by David Katz.

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