FAITH NO MORE | Metal Hammer | Issue 271, July 2015

Stop the press!! FAITH NO MORE take over Team Rock publication Metal Hammer for the first time in the magazine's history.

Not the first time they have adorned the cover, FNM have been the main feature in the international issues of Metal Hammer various times, the last in 1995.

In this most recent edition Puffy, Roddy, Bill and Mike Patton talk to Dave Everley with some amazing 'matador / priest' portraits by Ross Halfin. The eight page article covers FNM's history, the reunion, the hiatus and of course the present day, 'Sol Invictus'.

Here are some choice quotes from a rather splendid interview.


'I've known these guys longer than anyone else I've worked with. It's a grounding feeling. Even after all these years, someone will come in with a crazy notion, and you know where they are coming from. If that was someone I met a week ago, in a symphony hall, I'd go, 'You're out of your fucking mind, what are you talking about?' There's a trust level with Faith No More that's just....deeper.'


'We weren't an alternative band. We were not a metal band in that sense of the word. That old writer you guys have, Billy Shakespeare, he said it: 'Neither fish nor flesh.' That was us.'

MIKE PATTON on the press

'We embraced it. We thought it was funny. 'This guy is the masturbator, this guy is gay...' If people are misinterpreting you, at least they're interpreting you. It's a sexier story if we're portrayed as some band that fights, that are all different characters, blah blah blah. That was, for a period of time when people actually gave a shit, the 'selling point' of our band.'

MIKE PATTON on the future of FNM (Check out FNM 2.0 for an extended quote.)

“Look, what drives this whole goddam thing is the music. If there’s more music, which there is, if it comes together in the right way, at the right time, and we all feel good about it then fine.”

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