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In a new lengthy interview with NOISEY RODDY BOTTUM talks about FAITH NO MORE history, JIM MARTIN and the future of the band.

Interviewed by J. Bennett RB talks about the breakup:

"Everyone had different projects and opportunities, and it became contagious. A couple of us started being not so into it, and the rest just fell into line. It just dissipated."

FNM asking Jim to be part if the reunion

"He’s a great guy, and a real oddball. He’s the total polar opposite to what I’m all about—you could not find two more different people in a band than he and I—but I like him and I’ve always liked him."

And of course Sol Invictus 
"It was a language that we all speak together, and it was clear that it was still there. Then we decided that we wouldn’t play any more shows unless we made more music. So we did."


  1. "...the conspicuous absence of longtime guitarist Jim Martin (whom Hudson replaced in 1996)..."

    Good lord, talk about not doing your research. Great interview, though: I really wish Jim had decided to play those San Francisco shows in 2010!

  2. Best interview yet.


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