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The as yet untitled seventh FAITH NO MORE album is only months away and Bill Gould has suggested that it is indeed complete. 
After the fantastic insight recently left on our FACEBOOK page by Roddy Bottum, we are privileged to have recently spoken to founder member Mike 'Puffy' Bordin about the new album. 

His reply to our questions came with a thanks to the fans saying, 'In our own individual ways, this band means a lot to each of us, so having it mean a lot to other people is an honour.' 

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Here are six questions for puffy... 

Hyde Park was a fantastic show, how did it feel for you playing with FNM and watching Ozzy Osbourne? 

I have done just that (playing / watching) many times before, so it wasn't strange at all, if that is where you were heading. Tons of friends there on and off stage, and I felt grateful and proud to be a part of it. Happy to be there playing FNM music, happy also to watch the other great bands on the bill. It was also very satisfying to be able to have played a couple of new songs there. All good.

How have you enjoyed the writing process with FNM after such a long gap between albums? 

Firstly, I really never thought that it would ever happen, so I had no expectations driving me. Like it has all been on 2.0, it was just a series of many small steps that took us to this point. Any one of those steps, had they gone unacceptably, would have likely ended the journey. The actual song writing and recording process felt totally comfortable and natural. I believe that is because we didn't rush into it in 2009, but spent enough time on and off stage finding out who we were, how it felt, and if there was something further for us to say. Can't force it or rush it. With more age and experience, I savoured and appreciated the incredible talent around me and hopefully, I was a positive force in moving the process forward. Second chances are not to be taken for granted.

What can we expect from FNM on this album?

a) Our best effort
b) Faith No More music
c) The unexpected

Are there any songs on this album you are particularly proud of over the others? 

I love all of my kids, they all are part of me (us) and my (our) Story

How was the recording experience this time around considering you guys have gone it alone? 

Well, totally different for me. Not going into someone else's recording studio, and not having any outside people involved (or even know about it) was totally liberating, but also a huge amount of work to take on, especially for Mr. Gould! No one but ourselves to blame, but no one else knows what we sound like more than we do. It felt like we finally had all of the control, but also all of the responsibility too!

Which cities are you most looking forward to visiting on the forthcoming tour?

Tough one there. There are few things I like doing more than playing drums, so I always focus on giving absolutely everything I have and enjoying the hell out of the ride! That makes every city important to me. Seriously. 

Hope you will join us in thanking the FNM sticks man for taking the time to chat with us. Legend! 


  1. Great interview... wish it went longer. As a longtime fan for over twenty years (has it been that long) I'm thankful to have this band performing at the highest level for us. Enjoy it won't last forever. Thank you Puffy & FNM Followers.

  2. Wicked!! Thanks for this Mike.

  3. Doesn't much away does he! Ha ha

  4. What a great guy. I met him in 1997. Such a nice bloke. Thanks for this guys

  5. Fantastic, thanks.

  6. Great job! It's good to hear Puffy's feelings about the reunion!

  7. Exciting times for FNM fans. Thanks fit speaking out Mike

  8. I think I speak for everyone that we are so happy that Puffy and the guys are doing what they love to do...and ENJOYING it!!! Because we know that sometimes that wasn't the case, so what a great moment for this band!

  9. Fantastic! Thanks to Puffy and you guys for working hard to get us these interviews

  10. Can't wait to hear the new album. Thanks for all great music.

  11. Well done Jim, you are doing a wonderful job with the site... Its a credit to you and im sure I speak for all when I say we appreciate it!


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