Every musician has their favoured brands of instrument, from amplification to pick, from strings to the guitar itself. BILL GOULD has always preferred to use ZON bass guitars.

At the recent NAMM (National Association for Music Manufacturers) 2015 show Bill and Zon showcased his SONUS B4G SIGNATURE BASS, from February 14th these awesome guitars are on the market.

Designed in collaboration with Bill Gould, bassist for the band “Faith No More”, this highly anticipated bass features a tulip wood body, ZON’s proprietary bolt-on, composite neck and two custom-wound Bartolini pickups.
One of the unique features of this signature bass is the single master volume control on the face of the instrument and the location of the bass and treble controls for the active circuit on the rear cover plate. However, the most distinguishing feature of the BG4 is the on-board, touch-sensitive, distortion circuit, designed for this bass by Roy Zichri of Greenhouse Effects. When engaged, this circuit gives a grit and edge to the tone of the bass providing Bill’s distinctive sound. The BG4 is the first bass on the market to incorporate this feature.
Completely handmade by ZON in their Redwood City, California, US facility, the BG4 is finished in satin black and is appointed with black hardware and a Hipshot D-tuner. A limited number of these basses will be produced with the first 25 personally signed by Billy Gould.
While FAITH NO MORE are in Tokyo for their upcoming shows at STUDIO COAST on February 17th and 18th, KUROSAWA BASS CENTER are hosting a special event on February 16th at 2pm to introduce the new Sonus BG4 Billy Gould Signature bass. Bill himself will be making a personal appearance to demonstrate and talk about his new instrument. There will be prizes and giveaways, which include two tickets to the FNM show.
Here is the address:
1-10-8 Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-Ku...
Tokyo 169-0073 Japan
Tel: 03-3363-9595

You can purchase the BG4 at $3599.00, including gig bag.
Zon Guitars


  1. Aww man this bass kills! Wish I had a spare 4k

  2. Bill Gold's sound had always been so unique and aggressive. Guess it's his musical equipment and his technique. A really talented guy


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