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Two new very revealing interviews have been published today, both disclosing some interesting news on the new album, SOL INVICTUS.

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Now to business, the first interview with RODDY BOTTUM by Chris Schulz published by New Zealand Herald can be found in full HERE. Roddy talks about band relationships and the content of the new album.
According to this article FNM wrote a staggering 25 songs, and had trouble picking just ten!

"We wrote a lot of songs, and a lot of songs never made it on the record, a lot of decisions were made and they're really painful to make. A lot of people had songs they wanted on the record that didn't make it on the record."

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The second interview will BILL GOULD was published earlier today by TeamRock, the guys behind Classic Rock and Metal Hammer magazines. Read the full articleaptly titled 'Rebirth Of The Real Thing' HERE.

On the process

"We knew that if we decided to go down this road then we were taking on everything that goes with it. It’s not just us making the album, it’s touring, it’s interviews... things we haven’t had to do in a long time. So we knew that, hey, if we do this then we have to commit to all this other stuff, too. But we got together and decided it was worth it.”

On FNM's sound

"Personally feel there is a lot lacking in music right now, and I try and fill that void with what I’m writing. I don’t know what to compare the album to! I can’t compare it to some emo-core band or Arcade Fire. I don’t know where it’s meant to sit.”


"I can speak in colours. There’s a touch of colour from the first album, a little Angel Dust, a little King For A Day... on there, and some stuff we’ve never done before. We have a song that’s like a blues song, which we’ve never done before! It’s just stuff that excites us.”

Bill also commented on the artwork, by long-time IPECAC collaborator MARTIN KVAMME which we think should be revealed this Monday when referring to the theme of the new album.

"This is a dark album that we’ve made, but it’s about the sun. It’s about the sun coming up every day. There’s a super-positive message among this dark music. It’s very uplifting. And that’s all I can say.”


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