This is a feature on our FACEBOOK page and TWITTER page where we attempt to keep you guys updated on events that have happened within the FAITH NO MORE related world each day.

We will post a summary of these each week here.

Please, we would also very much appreciate you getting in touch if you feel we have missed anything or have more to add on the stories we cover.


Faith No More announced that with be performing at SONISPHERE in Italy.


  • Duane Denison of THE JESUS LIZARD and TOMAHAWK celebrated his 56th birthday.

  • 'I don’t see any point in writing about this record. It is what it is. It is perfect. Mark Ronson’s Uptown Special is a perfectly formed, well-crafted, unimaginative piece of crap.'

    TOMAHAWK, FANTOMAS and ex MR BUNGLE bassist TREVOR DUNN spoke in some depth about his dislike of the chart topping song 'Uptown Funk' by music producer Mark Ronson. Read the full article HERE.

  • FNM announced they would be performing at ROCK FOR PEOPLE in Czech Republic and HEAVY MONTREAL in Canada. MIKE BORDIN left a short video message for the Czech people.
  • A podcast interview with CHUCK MOSLEY was posted by Kurt Baron on his blog page 'Forward with Kurt Baron'.In the interview Chuck talks about FNM, CEMENT and his latest album with VUA. Listen to the podcast HERE.
  • SECRET SERPENTS announced via their facebook page that they will be printing the next series of FNM tour posters
  •  NAMM 2015, National Association of Music Merchants annual winter event take place at the Anaheim Convertion Centre, California. At least 95,000 NAMM members and their guests attended the show. Including our very own BILL GOULD who talked about his beloved ZON bass guitars. In a brief interview Bill explains about the custom pre amp installed in his guitar that enables him to get the 'Goulden sound' just by the flick of a switch.Find the video HERE.
  • MIKE BORDIN offers up second video message this time to the Japanese fans anxiously awaiting FNM's first return their country since 1997.
Over this first week we have certainly made  an impact on the FNM community circuit our facebook page reaching over 7,000 people with 850 'likes' and this site having over 3,000 views.
Our thanks to Faith No More 2.0, Faith. No Man, FNM4EVER, Patton Fans Brazil and many of our friends for your help. Also a big thanks to The Holy Filament, my old team mates at FNMBlog and Bill Gould for your encouragement.


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