Unlettered cover design - Matt Jacobs / Carlos Badilla.

At the 2014 Comic Con event held in San Diego during August it was revealed that a FAITH NO MORE / MR BUNGLE flip book was being written as the second issue of a forthcoming series of 'Rock & Roll Comics' published by Acme Ink.

The author of both sections is Mike Wellman, who published the Kids of Widney High comic about four years ago, working hand in hand with the band.

Matt Jacobs, the artist who created the animation for Tomahawk's awesome and macabre video for the song 'Oddfellows' in 2013 is illustrating the Faith No More section. With colours by Carlos Badilla.

Sinclair Klugarsh is the artist of the Mr. Bungle section. This segment being 'very surreal, bouncing from carnival barkers to really dark, submerged paranoia to bright, sunny earthquake-riddled fun!'

We asked writer Mike Wellman to write a few words for us:

"It was an honor to be asked by Mel Smith over at ACME INK to write the FNM/BUNGLE flip-book. I've been a HUGE fan of both bands since 1990 and when Mel started putting together the line-up of bands for his Rock N' Roll Biography series, Michael Aushenker, the writer of the SLAYER comic recommended me.

Not many people know, but I published a KIDS OF WIDNEY HIGH comic book back in 2009, working hand in hand with the members of the band to write the kind of comic that they wanted to see. It was a great experience and the first time I'd merged rock n' roll with my comic book career. I look at the Faith No More comic as a sort of 'spiritual sibling' to that book. It covers A LOT of ground, but not in the way that your traditional bio comics do... you know, the "That happened and then this happened" sorta thing. It's called a "Fan's Eye View" and it's about the band, for sure, but it's also about the people who spend maybe too much time obsessing about the band! *wink* Hey, I'm one of them!

I named the main character JIMMY SWAMP, who many long-time BBS'ers might remember from the Ipecac boards. It was this kid's handle on there and he was super-obsessed with the band. He would come up with some pretty silly posts sometimes and pretty much everyone on the bulletin board would clown him. Somehow or another, we wound up emailing each other and I found it pretty endearing that this misfit had found something that fed his soul. So I merged his name with some of my personal experiences as a fan and viola, here's the comic!

Mel was awesome in letting me pick the artists on the book. Matt Jacobs and I met at my comic shop, The Comic Bug, over a decade ago and bonded over Patton music. The store wasn't so busy in those days so we got to sit around and binge watch about 10 concerts one day at the shop. Everything from FNM to some wobbly bootleg of Maldoror. When Vince Forcier hit me up about producing some animation for the ODDFELLOWS video, I recommended Matt and the dude hit a home-run! This is a passion project for both of us.

When Sinclair caught wind of the project on facebook, he threw his name in the ring and landed the Bungle gig. It's awesome that he's been tapped by the folks at Secret Serpents to produce the first poster for the FNM US tour.

So we've got the animator from the Oddfellows video and a poster artist for the FNM tour! That's a pretty legit crew if you ask me!

The book is supposed to be out officially in June, but I'm talking to the publisher about maybe putting together a listening party version for when the album drops. We'll see. Thanks again everyone, for their interest!"

The comic will be available nationwide this summer.

Sketch from Tomahawk Oddfellows - Matt Jacobs.
Mr Bungle panel - Sinclair Klugarsh.

Fantomas panel for ROCKOUT Festival - Matt Jacobs.
Mr Bungle panel - Sinclair Klugarsh.


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