Mike Hayes and Jim Brown from Podcast Croissant are back with a mammoth discussion.  
Following the success of 1989's The Real Thing, Faith No More were determined not to recreate the past, or bow to label pressure and create something merely accessible. They continued to push the envelope with Angel Dust in 1992, and Midlife Crisis was the lead single. Often recognised in FNM song polls as one of the best, and regarded by Faith No More Followers as the quintessential FNM tune, Midlife Crisis is without doubt a fan favourite and worth looking at for three fucking hours.

Song talk starts at 27:16


  1. Excellent deep dive into Midlife Crisis. Wasn't sure one song could warrant an almost three hour discussion but damn...you guys did a great job keeping things interesting. Maybe it was that new microphone?

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  8. This was a great event! I loved the variety of topics covered and the different perspectives that were shared. The croissants were delicious, too!

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