Members of Faith No More are currently busy with their own separate projects and there has been no talk of the band's future. However trust it to Roddy Bottum to spread a little hope, as he reveals in a interview by our friend Adriano Mazzeo for Mondo Sonoro.
Roddy states clearly that Faith No More is not a closed book saying when asked if Sol Invictus was an ending,

"Well, we were doing so many shows and we wanted to do something else. A new album was definitely a challenge and the next logical step. We agreed and we did it. It was no longer inspiring to play only old songs, so I am very grateful that we were able to take the next step and have new songs. Ours is never a closed book. We talk quite regularly and think a lot about things we can do together. So it is still a very open ending, and not a closed episode at all. We all feel that a new and logical step would make sense, and I will be very happy to take it as long as we are all on board again."

When asked if there will be any new music soon, 

"Well, that is very relative. I'm not sure, but I know that we respect each other very much and want to continue creating together; We talked about doing exactly that, so from where I am sitting, yes, I would say that sooner or later there will be new music."

Roddy also explains why FNM, however different as individuals, work as a unit, 

"I think we are all part of a collective. We speak the same language, in the sense of the dramatic presentation of what we do, I think it is something that crosses us all. We like to offer something majestic, something big in the dramatic sense of the idea. Either a song of ours or a cover, or how to present the stage, like the flowers that decorated it on the last tour. There is magnetism in it and a lot of beauty, but we are also provocative and keep the public confused, because that is something we like to do. It is difficult for me to point to something concrete, but I think there are things we do in a similar way, with a similar mentality, our own language and that works well among us."

Roddy also talks about Nastie Band, Crickets and Imperial Teen and you can read the full article in Spanish HERE


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