Listen to MIKE PATTON interview on This Must Be The Gig Podcast

Episode 68 of This Must Be The Gig podcast is a conversation with Mike Patton.
This week, we're joined by the always experimental, vocal range-defying, and genuinely lovely Mike Patton. Mike's list of projects is vast and jaw-dropping, ranging from Faith No More and Mr. Bungle to Fantomas and Tomahawk—simply put, a whole bunch of bands that leap from metal to jazz, with stops everywhere in between. Mike's been called one of the greatest vocalists of all time, and for good measure. He's got perhaps the widest vocal range in rock history, and is so incredibly expressive and emotionally evocative. Just this past week, he released a brand new record called Corpse Flower, a collaboration with French composer Jean-Claude Vannier, who is best known for his work with the legendary Serge Gainsbourg. 

Presenter Lior Phillips talks to Patton for 30 minutes and the interview starts at around 11:30

Patton talks about his early days working in a Eureka record store, and Mr. Bungle. "I think the reason we started [wearing masks] very early on was coz we we were uncomfortable, we were really nervous. Like in the old days we'd wear... these bread bags over our heads. It's more so coz we were geeks."
He talks about being in multiple bands, his influences and how he "learnt his chops"
The two also chat about Corpse Flower. 

Mike calls in to chat with host Lior Phillips about first meeting Faith No More at a gig at a pizzeria, the inspiration of Serge Gainsbourg and Tom Waits on his new album, and the importance of experimentation and the power of being yourself—and so much more!

Listen below. 
Photo by Valentina Ceccatelli


  1. Awesome interview, very entertaining. Love Corpse Flower.

  2. In case you don't know there's a new Patton/Vannier interview in the just released French magazine "New Noise". Here's an interesting tidbit of info regarding Mr Bungle : Patton says there's nothing on the horizon beyond the three February shows but he adds : "The same line up will record the "Raging wrath..." tracks because they've never been recorded properly".

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