The Vinyl Guide TREY SPRUANCE interview part 2

Nate Goyer and Trey Spruance return in conversation for part 2 in The Vinyl Guide's Episode 181.

"Uncharted territory is our thing.."

In this instalment the conversation starts with talk about Mr. Bungle's second album Disco Volante and there is some great information about the making of the music and the sleeve artwork. 

"... We all have own intuitive understanding of where it's going. With Trevor you have somebody who has a poetic grounding. With me I have this annoying philosophical way of looking at things. Patton has a natural, more cinematic... he can set the stage and convey the idea..."

They discuss the evolution of the The Secret song and how the mechanics work to fit it on the record in such an inventive way. They then discuss Web Of Mimicry and the future of Secret Chiefs 3, revealing the new music is on its way!


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