PODCAST CROISSANT | Episode 05 | The BBC Sessions

Mike and Jim talk through the Maida Vale Sessions of 1992, 1995 and 2015 as well as the Hippodrome Session of 1997.
Did you know the working title of Midlife Crisis was 'Madonna'? Hear Mike skilfully dodge a freudian slip whilst Jim showcases his vocal abilities. Plus, we have our first listener audio! Next episode – send in your top 10 Faith No More songs!

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  1. This is a great discussion. Oddly enough I didn't really know about all these sessions previously so is a bit of a goldmine to discover these recordings via the pod. Question: what other radio appearances were recorded? I had a feeling some was done with triple j back in 95/97 but it may have just been the Hordern pavilion live show that was on who cares a lot. Memory is foggy on this do I could be wrong.

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