Members of MC5, Faith No More, Soundgarden, Fugazi, Guns 'n' Roses perform together in Los Angeles

Bill Gould and MC50's U.S tour has a handful of dates left before they jet over to Europe in November. On October 5th the allstar band played a benefit gig for the charity Jail Door Guitars at the Ford Theater in Los Angeles. 
Regular players Wayne Kramer, Bill, Kim Thayil, Brendan Canty and Marcus Durant were joined by Matt Cameron (on a second drum kit) and Duff Mckagan (on guitar). 

This would be the first time Bill had shared the stage with Duff since 1992, expect when Duff appeared incognito as the FNM gimp at The Wiltern in 2015! 
The Jail Door Guitars project, named after a Clash song and started by Billy Bragg to honor Joe Strummer, is a prison project which helps rehab inmates by providing musical instruments to let them grow through music. 

Grimy Goods

Margarette Kramer (Wayne’s wife) and Ken Heartman, a man who had benefited from Jail Guitar Doors explained how terrible the prison system is in the US and how it incarcerates more people than any time in history. The crowd jumped to their feet as he announced it was time to “kick out the jams” and Wayne came out with his signature American Flag striped guitar dressed all in blue. Wayne stood out from the rest of the guys in black: Kim Thayil of Soundgarden on guitar, Matt Cameron of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam on drums, Brendan Canty of Fugazi also on drums (there were two kits), Billy Gould of Faith No More on Bass, and Marcus Durant of Zen Guerrilla on vox, harmonica, and the teeniest saxophone ever.

Later Duff from Guns and Roses would join the gang as would a three-piece horn section and a rapper. They were clearly out to have a good time and much jamming happened. Things got weird as they announced “Next Stop Jupiter” which led to the jammiest-guitar-nerd moments ever. Wayne was dropped blazing guitar solos all over the stage, all night long and battled a bit with Kim Thayi in some fun back and forth guitar dueling.

Wayne ended the night with another call to arms to fight the republicans stealing the power given to the people by the framers (of the constitution). He then lead a chant to “VOTE VOTE VOTE” and called for everyone to take action, get to work and to let the “bums in Washington DC” know that “we are looking at you.”


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