The Ultimate FAITH NO MORE Biography is OUT NOW!

Small Victories : The True Story Of Faith No More by Adrian Harte has been released early due to incredible pre-sales. You can order on line or get to your high street book store and pick up a copy today.

Check out some of the rave reviews the book has received.

"If you are a self confessed FNM geek, like myself, who has read every article, watched every interview and you think there was no more to are wrong.
This book comes the closest anyone probably ever will to understanding one of the most confounding bands ever. And aside from all that it's a bloody good read."

Faith No More Followers

★ 10/10

"Harte's eye for detail coupled with bulls-eye analysis and a breezy prose style illuminates the band's dramatic and chaotic trajectory with authoritative calm...Moreish quotes and anecdotes further sugar the ride, and ultimately steer the book into the category marked 'Essential'."

Classic Rock

"Small Victories is the dignified summary that Faith No More and it's fans deserve."

Rock On Board

"Genuinely insightful, Harte's focus on the quintet's punk attitude and thrillingly eclectic, forward-thinking music does a great service to both."

Planet Rock

Listen to the author discuss the book with Mark Montague and Steve on The Last Transmission on Phonic FM.

Buy it now!!


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