Listen to 'Luna a sol' the new ALAIN JOHANNES song featuring MIKE PATTON

Chilean-American songwriter Alain Johannes has released a new single Luna a sol which features Mike Patton. 
Johannes and Patton been friends for around five years when they met at a party at the home of Josh Homme, Johannes told La Tercera that "everything has flowed very naturally" between the two ever since. "For me it's also something very special, because we both came from the same scene and finally we collaborated on something." 

This is the first single from the Alain Johannes Trio debut album set for release in 2019 via Ipecac Recordings. "This is the first time I've managed to compose in Spanish, a language more romantic than English, which is a bit cooler."
It's not the first time the two have collaborated, in November 2017 the pair participated in a tribute album to the American folk singer Connie Converse with a cover of her song How sad, how lovely

Patton explained that, "Alain and I are very confident. Here is a serious musical connection that I can't explain. We practically complete each other's sentences. For the same reason, I knew that we would be working together in some way, and when he asked me about this album I told him that it would obviously be an honor ".

The single is set for release on September 7th 2018 but premiered on Sonar FM Chile today, you can listen here at around the 25:30 mark. 


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