SECRET CHIEFS 3 | Trey Spruance and Neil Hamburger Christmas Song!

You can now listen to / download yet another recording from Secret Chiefs 3.
Trey Spruance and William Winant collaborated with Gregg Turkington (Neil Hamburger) in 1996 on the Christmas classic I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus. It is now free to download on the Web Of Mimicry Bandcamp page, including a festive karaoke version!

"In 1996 William Winant, Trey Spruance and Gregg Turkington (here in character as some kind of depraved boarding house voyeur, not Neil Hamburger) entered Forking Paths studio to record a song for inclusion on a Japanese Christmas album. Other artists on the comp included Merzbow, Melt Banana, Hair Stylistics, God is My Co-Pilot, Gastor del Sol etc.
A recently discovered cassette rough mix of this track without the lead vocals prompted this immediate release! The possibilities for your own disturbing yuletide karaoke enactments are enormous. Also FREE to the public!
If the spirit of gift giving simply overtakes you after hearing this offering of questionable taste, have a look around at the other SC3 and WoM stocking stuffers on our bandcamp page.
Happy Holidays to you and yours!"


  1. I keep on finding everything Christmas related after the Christmas is over. But nonetheless, I will keep on listening to the Christmas music because I love it.

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