DEAD CROSS | Second Leg of Their North American Tour

Dead Cross have proved their prowess in an intense twenty five night tour across North America. Here is our round of the second leg.

'Just wrapped up an amazing tour with Dead Cross and It's been nothing less than exciting and down right insane. Arrested, stitched, bruised and abused sums up this amazing tour.Thanks to all that came out to the shows and supported us. More music and tours coming soon.' - Dave Lombardo

08.09.2017 | Sound Stage, Baltimore MD 

Empire Extreme

Right off the bat, as soon as the first note was played, Mike jumped off stage into the crowd while singing the opening song. This was just a taste of what to happen on this night. Playing the newly released cd “self titled” album. The album is exactly what you expected when you bring the vocal craziness of Mike and the hard pounding drums of Dave. They even throw in a cover of Bauhaus’s “Bela Lugosi is Dead”.
During the set a fan came onto stage and Mike let him command the stage for a little bit, got him to dance around for a little bit and while the band was playing the instrumentals of “Raining Blood”, right as it got into the heavy parts he and Mike jumped into the crowd, Mike teased us with a few seconds of “Epic” before they finally let the stage.

Metal Nexus

The show by DEAD CROSS started with Mike Patton jumping on top of the fans to do some crowd surfing, and the fans obliged him. While hardcore is not really the kind of music I dig, I totally get why the fans in the venue were so stoked. The interaction of Mike Patton with the crowd was superb! The front row crowd had a great time, and Mike Patton obliged them fully screeching in to the microphone the lyrics of the songs like “Seizure and Desist”, “Obedience School”, “The Future Has Been”, “Church of the Motherfuckers” with a serious ferocity. The guitar work was excellent, but it was kind of an afterthought to the spellbinding performance of Mike Patton. I knew that DEAD CROSS plays a small teaser of Slayer’s “Raining Blood” towards the very end. Dave Lombardo, one of the finest heavy metal drummers ever, not finishing his typical crazy drumming on “Raining Blood” is sheer cruelty. I had wanted to see Dave Lombardo on drums for years, but the standout performance of the night was the drummer of SECRET CHIEFS 3, I found it way very intense, but Dave Lombardo, was impressive as well and a legend to see live on stage. Catch them if you can on this Seizure and Desist Tour, if you enjoy hardcore you are going to love it!

10.09.2017 | Union Transfer Philadelphia PA

No Rip Cord

The members of Dead Cross entered the stage, the sounds of the emergency broadcast system filling the pitch-black hall just before the band launched into their single, Seizure and Desist, amidst an epileptic’s nightmare of strobe effects and blazing lights.  Patton never stopped moving, his body in motion as his mouth ran in constant exhalation, verses and screams dispensed with the rapidity necessary to follow the music’s pace.  He didn’t seem starved for air at any point and even threw himself into the crowd twice during Divine Filth, an unsteady bed of wandering hands leading him back to the stage as he continued to rattle off lyrics without losing his place. 

“Hi!” Patton blurted about four songs into the set, “How are you?  Philadelphia.  What else can I say?  Filthydelphia!  How about that?”

Moments of crowd interaction were few aside from the occasional “thanks,” though amusing commentary about the merits of the vegan cheesesteak was had between Patton and the crowd after acknowledging that Pearson had, in fact, tried one earlier that day.  “I’m not a vegan warrior, I’m on a plant-based diet. Let’s just get over it, okay?”  Pearson said, “I can suck my own dick, though, so, hey, fuck you!” 

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11.09.2017 | The Royale Boston MA

Brooklyn Vegan

When Dead Cross’ time came, their approach to performance was just as uncompromising as on record. With Lombardo obscured behind a wall of percussion, Patton manning the mic at center and bassist Pearson and guitarist Crain at either side, the quartet posed frozen for just a moment before exploding into “Seizure and Desist.” The main set ­– all 10 cuts from the record plus a pair of new songs – was a strobe-blasted blur. Lombardo’s playing sounded as deadly precise as ever, and the Crain/Pearson duo had no trouble keeping up. Patton, meanwhile, seized another opportunity to prove himself among the best and most innovative vocalists in metal (or elsewhere). His truly otherworldly range of screams and screeches, and characteristically kinetic delivery, elevated an already air-tight set to another level of artfulness.

Dig Boston

Mike Patton knows his way around a few octaves. And he’s never one for sitting still, so he brought his scientifically-proven super-human vocal range with him and a few cohorts to Royale last week, under the guise of Dead Cross. As the Faith No More return seems to have been put on the back burner, he enlisted long-time Fantômas colleague drummer extraordinaire Dave Lombardo to join bassist Justin Pearson (The Locust. Retox) and Mike Crain (Retox) to create a dozen or so songs as Dead Cross as well as recording a not too shabby Bauhaus cover. If that combo seems like it’s suited for hyper-adrenaline thrash songs, you wouldn’t be wrong. Hummingbird heart rate-esque bpm songs were blasted out, all the while with Patton doing the sort of vocal gymnastics he’s made a career of. Along with one new song, they closed out with a much in vogue punk rock anthem for today, “Nazi Punks Fuck Off.” Richard Spencer, that means you.

Hillarie Jason

Evil Robb

12.09.2017 | 
Gramercy Theatre, New York NY


....with a crazed Patton immediately diving into the audience and causing an instant uproar in the pit. With microphone shoved deep into his mouth, the unpredictable singer eventually crowd surfed his way back onstage and with the massive drum hammering courtesy of Lombardo and string yanking from Crain and Pearson, they continued their massive momentum, delving into speedy new tracks “Idiopathic,” “Obedience School,” a fresh untitled song being referred to as “New #2″ and the punky “Shillelagh.”
Halfway through the set, Patton took a moment to engage the crowd, getting up close and personal by the front barricade and playfully taking comments, questions, concerns and even complaints from the rowdy audience, only to receive in return general nonsensical banter from excited fans. Chitchat aside, the band continued with their set, discharging even more off their debut LP, like the mood altering “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” (Bauhaus cover), the metallic “Divine Filth,” the intense “Grave Slave” and the enraged anthem “The Future Has Been Cancelled,” all of which reeked of Patton’s unique shrieks and howls, Lombardo’s remarkable kit-pounding and gnarly guitar wailing thanks to Crain.

Johnny Perilla

Jonathan Arevalo

Ignacio Orellana

Derek Soto

Melinda Oswandel

13.09.2017 | WarsawBrooklyn NY

Melinda Oswandel

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15.09.2017 | St. Andrew’s Hall, Detroit MI

Screaming Guitars

Saint Andrews Hall fills with cheers as Justin Pearson and Michael Crain take the stage to wail the emergency broadcast test signal. They are followed by Mike Patton and Dave Lombardo. Patton stares over at Lombardo who counts off the beat and Dead Cross tears into “Seizure and Desist”.

The shock wave of energy from the stage is magnified and reflected by the audience. The sheer joy evident on faces in the crowd is electric as Dead Cross ratcheted through their debut album. “Idiopathic” and “Obedience School” built a sweat throughout the hall.

Calling out “Welcome Kid Rock fans!”, Mike Patton ribs the crowd about the political aspirations of Kid Rock who is playing just a few blocks away at the new hockey arena. There are boos from the crowd. Clearly, they are not fans of Rock and Patton acknowledges them with a wry smile.

Metal Wani

When Patton sat Indian style on stage as he meditated as a segue into the encore performance, it was a fitting moment as it displayed calm within the chaos.  Dead Cross and Secret Chiefs 3 are both musically infused wrecking balls that will smash your mind into a million pieces and you’ll enjoy every moment as you collect those pieces of your mind to put it back together with a new sense of appreciation for the ever-varied landscape of music genres.

16.09.2017 | Riot Fest, 
Chicago IL

Brooklyn Vegan

In Dead Cross, all of their styles are on full display and they come together brilliantly. Justin Pearson and Mike Crain’s playing really gives the band their driving hardcore sound, and the complete and utter weirdo Mike Patton takes it in all kinds of spastic directions. Meanwhile, Dave Lombardo just absolutely slaughters his drums, reminding you how crucial he is to those classic Slayer albums (and how they’ll never be the same without him). The songs off their self-titled debut album sounded even better live than they do recorded. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think these guys had been playing these songs together for years. They looked and sounded like a seasoned band, not like a new side project. Mike Patton did seem to acknowledge that he knew a lot of people were more there for the band’s lineup than their songs, though, and said “here’s one you might know” before ending their set with a circle-pit-inducing cover of Dead Kennedys’ “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” (not with Jello Biafra this time though).


For those familiar with the players in the band, Dead Cross delivered the most brutal and heavy show at day two of Riot Fest. Their sound was almost painful. Dave Lombardo’s double bass induced heart arrhythmia, Crain’s guitars made eyes go loopy and Pearson’s bass felt like a gut punch. The only possible explanation for their sound is a seedy scene in which they paid off the sound guy so they could complete their mission of ruining speakers and eardrums forever. Dead Cross didn’t melt faces, they inched up to them like a werewolf then clawed them off, death by a thousand swipes of sharpened fingernails, and all of it was led by the screeches and cascading howls of Mike Patton — who hasn’t sounded so at home since he was in full swing with his avant-garde metal project Fantomas.

Laurie Fanelli

Chris Cassella

17.09.2017 | Turner HallMilwaukee WI

Milwaukee Record

Dead Cross stormed out of the gates with the first track off their album, “Seizure And Resist,” and only let up on the intensity for brief interludes of banter. On the surface, punk rock seems like somewhat of a waste of Dave Lombardo’s talent; he recently did a stint with the reunited “original” Misfits as well, but Dead Cross is certainly less traditional, giving the former Slayer drummer plenty of room to stretch out as well as showcasing his sheer ferocity.

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19.09.2017 | 
First Avenue, Minneapolis MN

Girl at the Rock Shows

Mike Patton had a way of getting the crowd going. His intensity alone was jaw dropping and his energy was electric. Even with a sense of aggression as he screamed his way through the set, when he addressed the crowd there was a sense of love he had for the fans. He joked with multiple people in the audience as he picked them out and gave a couple of good jabs at them. His personality shined during those moments of humor and truly humanized this larger than life musician. The other members let Mike take the spotlight between songs but, when the music started, it was hard to focus on any one member. Each of them had a personality that could be seen through the way they were playing the music and it was hard to catch everything that was going on.

Got Any Tunes

As the band took the stage for the encore, Lombardo started to play the opening to “Raining Blood” which is one of Slayers biggest songs. This got the room all worked up in frenzy. Just as the main guitar hook comes in, they stop and go right into “Epic”, Faith No More’s biggest hit. Patton utters the vocal hook and stops, moving right into their now famous rendition of the classic Dead Kennedys’ song “Trump Nazi Punks F*ck Off” to end the night. To answer my earlier question about a late show on a weekday night, f*cking right it was worth it.

Billy Briggs

Adam Bubolz

20.09.2017 | 
Liberty HallLawrence KS

I Heart Local Music

I have seen God.

I have been born anew by the cleansing waters of heaven! In the lair of a devil– amidst the screams of his demons– I have found new meaning. In the presence of a god, I witnessed his works, felt the warmth of his light, and when the heavens opened and fell their tears of life upon my face my heart became engorged with his spirit, my body eviscerated by his grace, shattered to millions of pieces then made whole again by his words; “Alright, who’s tired of fucking around?”

I stood witness as the demons did then squeal with pain. His healing words simultaneously calling forth the great abyss to swallow fast all of my transgressions. My sins were siphoned from my soul as an anteater does the hill.  Only the most metal of hearts may stand and be cleansed. To survive is a rite of passage… a test I did not know I was to take. A test I still stand un-worthy to have passed.

I am forever changed. I will carry him with me for all remaining days. Mike Patton is God, and God spat upon me last night. May he spit upon us all.


23.09.2017 | Ogden Theatre, Denver CO

Usually by the end of a tour, a band can seem a bit rote. A bit tired. A bit cranky. But despite Dead Cross saving the last date of their North American tour for Denver on Saturday,  they displayed none of these traits. Patton dove off the stage within 3 seconds of set and album opener Seizure and Desist, catching the crowd off guard almost to the point of not catching him. Make no mistake - Mike Patton is one of the greatest frontmen to ever touch a mic. Putting aside even his incredible vocal ability and range, his career has always kept surprising fans, whether it's his ever growing body of soundtrack work, or his varied projects like Nevermen, Fantômas or his newest, Dead Cross. In theory, Patton, now almost 50, joining his first hardcore band sounds like an odd choice to say the least. But in practice? Hearing the album and seeing it live on stage, it makes perfect sense.

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